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Plaintext is Beautiful

29 July 2023 3 minutes

Alternative title: Why does this website look so different?

webdev, text editor, development, gopher

Using Emacs

18 July 2023 3 minutes

This post is being written in Emacs :)

webdev, ide, emacs, text editor, development

Enter The Fediverse

11 July 2023 4 minutes

If you haven’t heard, Reddit is in a bit of a pickle. In short, they have changed their API pricing in such a way as to effectively make it impossible for 3rd party apps to continue, presumably in order to improve that sweet ad revenue (a move probably inspired...

fediverse, tech, mastodon, lemmy, reddit, social media

Welcome to my blog!

23 June 2023 Less than a minute

Hello, I have decided to set up a blog on my website :)

blog, tech, webdev